From the author:

I am a huge fan of webcomics. My bookmarks folder for my weekly reads is chock-full of comics I read everyday. For years, I always wanted to start a webcomic of my own. The final push came when I missed attending the New England Webcomics Weekend in November 2010. For the second year in a row, I missed meeting and thanking my favorite artists and influences for their work, all because of a little bug called acute viral rhinopharyngitis (which subsequently developed into a flare-up of my asthma).

Oxygen is super important, folks.

So, after a good moment of moping, whining, and crying, I decided to finally get my webcomic off the ground. It’s in The 40s was an idea that was swimming in my head for a while, going in line with the overall autobiographical comic/graphic novel I had always wanted to pursue. My move to Boston, Massachusetts from Miami, Florida has resulted in incredible growth, discoveries, and of course, setbacks. However, it is a move I do not regret – how could I pass up on so much material?

I hope to quickly develop the comic as I draw/write up each post. I am looking into ComicPress and creating a certain look and feel I want my webcomic to capture. (Unfortunately, I’m PHP-challenged, so this’ll take a little while.)

If you like the comic, let me know! If you don’t like it, tell me what I can do to improve. I’m always looking for suggestions and feedback from readers.

I hope you enjoy It’s in The 40s. Thank you for reading and stopping by!


Iris Amelia
It’s in The 40s


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