015: Rain, Rain…

March 7, 2011

Came to NYC for spring break mildly unprepared. I left my attachable hood for my down coat at home, along with one of my ski hats. Today my friend Gary & I went out to dinner in the pouring rain. My umbrella broke because of the wind. A solid evening, though – can’t beat free food at T.G.I. Friday’s!

Been working on a lot of illustrations with my aforementioned friend through a huge collaboration, as well as commissions and now, soon, some major projects for my classes. Hopefully I’ll make it through this week!


My dear friend Miranda, over at Olympia De Luxe, told me this story and I had to draw it (for many reasons).

I think I’ll draw this again sometime soon and flush out panels a little more. For now, here’s a doodle!


February 25, 2011

I’m alive!

Graduate school is tricky business. And so is illness. I’ve learned quite a bit from my (should-have-been expected) hiatus from the comic – drawing a webcomic frequently is not as easy as I hoped it would be, especially while juggling a full-time academic schedule with a job & extracurriculars. I hope I can update somewhat frequently – I do want to maintain this project for personal reasons.

To make up for lost time, I’m including three illustrations below. I missed drawing. A lot.

My possible thesis (which you’ll read about soon) will have me doing a loooot of drawing, so keep your eyes peeled!

Mochas with extra mocha? Yes.

Also, I should be wearing this shirt this weekend, by the way. KC Green is awesome. Check out his comics please!

Comic 013: Happy Travels?

January 7, 2011

My apologies for the sketch today, folks – I still haven’t finished packing for my trip to California!

Leaving Miami is definitely bittersweet. I’m happy I got to see many friends while I was here, but I’m ready to move on and start my second leg of my winter break and my eventual return to Boston. I’m really missing my apartment, and I’m actually excited to experience real snow for the first time.

So, with that – bon voyage! See you on Monday!

010: Happy Travels

December 20, 2010

Check it out, it’s my tenth comic! Huzzah! Took me long enough, I guess. Check back on Friday for a surprise!

009: Leisure

December 18, 2010

It’s really weird being back home. I find myself with a lot more time on my friends, and – when my family doesn’t get on my freaking nerves – less stressed. Very little has changed at my house. It’s very surreal being back, pitching in with housework, talking in Spanish with my grandparents. I’ve missed it; but I feel strangely disconnected from it all. I don’t know if I like it or not.

See you Monday, folks!

008: I Can Explain!

December 13, 2010

So these last few days have been a bit nutty.

Sorry for the lack of updates, guys! I’ve been trying to catch up with school after a horrendous flight back to Boston from Portland, Oregon – I learned that I don’t do well with red-eye flights. While getting my clock back to normal was a bit of a struggle, so was a mess of work I needed to do very quickly, including sample magazine spreads (12 pages worth, as well as a cover), a poster and an invitation postcard (which also needed to be printed professionally). I also learned that printer people are badass people, at least the ones I got to deal with.

I’m really excited to go home to Miami. While the weather is indeed a plus (okay, more like a plus-plus-plus), I can’t wait to be with my family again and see my friends. I am ready for winter break!

See you on Friday!