008: I Can Explain!

December 13, 2010

So these last few days have been a bit nutty.

Sorry for the lack of updates, guys! I’ve been trying to catch up with school after a horrendous flight back to Boston from Portland, Oregon – I learned that I don’t do well with red-eye flights. While getting my clock back to normal was a bit of a struggle, so was a mess of work I needed to do very quickly, including sample magazine spreads (12 pages worth, as well as a cover), a poster and an invitation postcard (which also needed to be printed professionally). I also learned that printer people are badass people, at least the ones I got to deal with.

I’m really excited to go home to Miami. While the weather is indeed a plus (okay, more like a plus-plus-plus), I can’t wait to be with my family again and see my friends. I am ready for winter break!

See you on Friday!


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